02AF9: Momentary Reflection

Monday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 737

It's already Monday but I'm still thinking about all the fun we had over the weekend. And great O Bar nights just make me want to schedule another run this weekend. But we have other plans, which are equally good plans, so O Bar is a little less likely. But hey, stranger things have happened and sometimes things just fall into place for these sorts of things.

Yesterday after our Pendragon RPG session, Tobie and I ended up just lying down in bed together and talking about the weekend. I had initially mapped out squeezing in a board game before bed or something, but instead, we just talked, and it was really nice. We didn't tackle anything particularly heavy to mind-blowing - it was just a lot of stream of consciousness stuff based on the events of the weekend, the people we spent time with, and other things. 

And it's not like we don't talk otherwise. But just allocating time just for that was a little different as we're always juggling a TV show or movie in the background or playing games. So just talking was a nice change of pace and it's little moments like this that just reinforce how well we get along as our conversations never really end. There's always something to talk about. And I'll never tire of talking to Tobie about anything and everything. 

Okay, workweek, let's see how things are going to go. 


  1. The way we just align is incredible. Almost always feels like those nights when we realized we connected so easily. I have no way to explain it. I just know it always feels right. Feels perfectly right.

    I love you.


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