02AF7: Workout Adaptations

Saturday Sariwon

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 735

I managed to wake up early enough to work out before our morning RPG session. I'm still exploring the updated Nike Training Club App as the new library is largely unfamiliar to me. I had initially noticed the loss of my old yoga workouts as one of the biggest changes. Today I came to better appreciate that a lot of the circuit routines I used to do have also been removed. That wouldn't be too much of an issue if the new routines were just as good, but they've made a lot of changes to the app itself including removing the option to preview most workouts, especially the new ones formatted as "classes". 

Today I tried one of their "whiteboard" workouts for the first time. I had assumed it would be like their old rep-based activities that would allow me to check each exercise with a tap to confirm completion. Instead, the new format of these whiteboard sets is to show all exercises including in a set all at once and then you just have to tap the next set once you're done. And this is regardless if the exercises are timed or require you to count reps - it's just the full circuit and how many times they recommend you go through the circuit, and that's it. There are no more audio cues per activity so it would be entirely silent if you don't play music of your own. And this is a major disappointment - one that really makes me question whether or not I should continue relying on this app so much.

I've been following guided workouts practically since I started stepping up my fitness efforts. My exercise sources have included the Nike Training Club app and various YouTube creators, but NTC was the main one. It's kind of sad how much they've overhauled the experience in this manner. And not getting voice cues throughout the sets really throws me off. At least with the older routines and of course with things like different workout videos on Youtube, you feel like someone is actually helping you, even if you've already memorized their chatter and prattle.

This may mean I'll shift almost entirely to YouTube workouts from the likes of HASfit and only use NTC for their guided classes. This has been working out pretty well for their yoga flows as the "class" experience is pleasant enough - it just means I'm watching a video with a checkbox at the end. They also have some circuit and cardio routines that are structured as "classes" as well, so those I can still follow, but I doubt I'll go back to these whiteboard workouts in the future.

And all this just matters all the more since I'm not renewing my Anytime Fitness membership and will focus on home-based workouts indefinitely. I still feel a lot safer working out at the Sietch plus it means I don't have to wake up extra early to factor in walking time to and from the gym before my work shift.