02AF6: Bracing for Saturday

Friday Veggie Mix

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 734

We have an early RPG session tomorrow (and another in the afternoon), so we can't stay up too late. We're watching the latest episode of Star Trek: Picard while I write this blog post and maybe we can squeeze in a new board game or two before it gets too late.

I'm already thinking about what alarms I need to set for tomorrow if I want to be able to squeeze in a workout before the game since we'll have no time after. But hey, the price of what promises to be a fun yet busy weekend.

But I have to get through the morning RPG first. At least we'll be using pre-generated characters so that saves some time. I'll try to cram the system a bit tonight so I'm not totally blind tomorrow. The afternoon game is part of an ongoing campaign, so that's simple enough. And then we still have a game on Sunday, which is also a campaign game, so I'm covered there, too.

Bugger, we've run out of Star Trek for the week. Now we're getting started on the second season of Upload, which is like a more comical Black Mirror or something. The first season wasn't terrible and I'm curious to see how this next one is going to go. 

Fold clothes. Read up on Savage Worlds. Maybe finish another comic before bed.