02AF5: Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Adobo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 733

We finished the current season of Star Trek: Discovery today, and we're pretty satisfied with how things wrapped up. The beginning of the season felt too much like the last one with a big cosmic-level threat affecting everyone and anything. But this season wasn't about another Burn, but instead, it became perhaps the most epic first contact situation in the history of Star Trek, maybe? Really great stuff.

It's no Lower Decks or anything, but it's definitely some solid Trek and the fandom is better for it. And then we get to enjoy the new episode of Star Trek: Picard tomorrow. 

I'm feeling very behind on my reading. I fell behind pace for my annual goal in February and we're more than halfway through March and I don't think I'm going to catch up anytime soon. I'll get there eventually, but I won't deny that it's stressing me out a bit. Reading is supposed to be a leisure activity, I know, but of course, I've imposed these reading goals on myself and that's part of my weird definition of fun and fulfillment. 

One more day until the weekend. Let's see how I can work through my reading queue soon.