02AF4: Forward Projections

Wednesday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 732

My work updates include:
  • Lots of meetings
  • Candidate interviews
  • A deadline
  • A timer
  • New projects
  • New platform/s
  • Paperwork
  • Reports
  • Opportunities
Tobie has clearly had a more stressful day than me, but at least we got to (1) work in the same room most of the day, and (2) we didn't eat our meals overly late. This is a major improvement versus the last few workweeks, so I'll take it. 

A lot of my social media feeds are teeming with updates related to Return to Office (RTO) orders and related complications. This includes everything from traffic, gas prices, and of course how most work tasks could have been accomplished at home. And these are all totally legitimate concerns no matter how much people claim we're approaching an "Alert Level 0" state of some sort. 

And if we're on the brink of COVID-19 becoming endemic, it's not like Metro Manila and other major Philippine cities weren't beset with a whole host of problems already. That's part of what makes going back to work in an office so stressful - our infrastructure remains pretty crappy and traffic is still a major issue. And companies can't just assume they can go back to "normal" right away either.

I've been trying to invest time into figuring out how we might handle our own RTO situation when the time comes. We figure that the actual "new normal" will involve a more hybrid-style setup - we just have to figure out what that's going to look like. 

The main challenge of working from home is inconsistent internet bandwidth for different members of the team (including myself) and of course less than ideal working space in terms of distractions. But there are way too many benefits that come from working at home too and we don't want to just ignore that entirely.