02AF3: Zero Thinking

Tuesday Steaks

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 731

I'm not quite sure when I'll stop my quarantine count up there. It's easy to theoretically say that I'll stop counting when quarantine is actually lifted and we can go back to living a fully normal life. But are we ever going to get there? Are we going to reach a point where somehow goes on TV to announce that the COVID-19 pandemic is "officially" over? And this is only a relevant question because our officials are actually throwing around the ridiculous term "Alert Level 0", which is still "unlikely", but being discussed.

But for now, we're still staying at Alert Level 1 until the end of the month because the government can only seem to think in 1-2 week periods. We'll continue to balance safety with the need for socializing. But I strongly feel that we'll figure out more in-person gaming meet-ups in the near future. It's long overdue, but I don't regret the level of prudence being practiced by our circle of gaming friends. 

Had a good time recording tonight's Baduy Pride episode. But now I just want to do other things like try to read the manuals of some of the games that just arrived this week or maybe catch up on processing the O Diva videos I recorded last weekend at O Bar. But there's just so little time left and we really should be headed to bed.

Never enough time for all the things we want to do.