02AF2: The K-Drama Journey Thus Far

K-Dramas We've Finished Thus Far

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 730

So we finally finished watching Goblin today, although the full English title of this show is now Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. This marks the fourth full K-Drama that we've finished - or at least the fourth romantic one unless we go back to starting the count with shows like Squid Game. It's a weird little journey, but it has been a generally good one so far. Then again, it helps to be late to the game since we can rely on the recommendations of friends and family in order to avoid stuff that we're less likely to love as much as some of the other stuff.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is probably my least favorite of the four shows we've seen thus far, but it also had the challenge of being the first one we really sat down to watch. We just didn't like the leads all that much and the story wasn't necessarily the best either. But it was charming in itself and it had a nice light tone that worked with the stresses of the time when we watched it.

Crash Landing On You was a home run and I get why it became an international phenomenon. Tobie and I enjoyed so many things about this show and even a lot of the b-plots were still pretty great. Totally the gold standard for what these shows can achieve. 

Coffee Prince was a major diversion to an older style of K-Drama, but one that we still had a fair amount of fun with. It helped that the core cast was really strong and quite likable. Plus there's the fact that the story also had a bit of an LGBT slant to it given the contrived premise. 

And then we come to Goblin, which was an interesting fantasy piece (versus all the more contemporary shows we've watched). I can understand why a lot of people love this show, but there were certain parts of the story that were harder for us to appreciate in the beginning. It had a pretty good story in the end, but it still doesn't beat CLOY.

The big question is now is what show we'll watch next. We have a lot of recommendations, but as we do favor lighter shows for now we're considering things like Strong Girl Bong-Soon, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Jooor maybe Mr. Queen - but that last one is only on Viu, and it remains a lot more convenient to stick to Netflix-hosted series for obvious reasons. I've also been meaning to watch Start-Up, but we'll get there in time maybe?

So many shows to watch! And it's not like we don't have shows like Star Trek: Picard or Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to also work through.