02AF1: A Very Fun O Bar Saturday

The Fabulous O Bar Performers

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 729

Last night at O Bar was way more fun than I had initially anticipated. And this was despite the fact that we were technically a smaller group for the night and it wasn't a big event night either. But so many things came together to make the whole experience feel all the more fun, so I'm glad that we had ventured out.

Officially, last night we joined Flip's table as he booked it instead of us. It's a minor point as more often than not we go to O Bar with Flip and other friends, but we decided to milk the differences fully. It meant Flip was more responsible for table management and resolving the bill at the end of the night and we made sure to remind everyone in our circle that Flip was handling things. It was a silly thing and practically an in-joke, but we got a lot of laughs out of it.

And it was also a night for weird table arrangements as Niki was also there but with a different group of friends who ended up booking a table of their own as well. But we had so much traffic between the tables that it felt like we were right next to each other instead of on opposite sides of the bar.

There were also some interesting personalities at the bar, which is something that was a lot more common during the pre-pandemic times. And related to the ongoing political campaigns, people are now more prone to start shouting "Leni! Leni" seemingly at random throughout the night. The first time we had encountered this was when the song "We Found Love" would be playing, but last night people would just try shouting it whenever they felt like it and the rest of the bar would pick it up. I doubt this is in any way indicative of how the actual campaign will go, but it at least gives some hope, at least with respect to the sort of people who go to O Bar.

Next Saturday will be an event night though, so we'll see how that goes. Every night at O Bar is generally fun despite the stresses brought about by, well, other people being there. But they are a glimmer of hope and a general return to a sense of normalcy despite the ongoing pandemic.