02AEB: About My Glasses

Monday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 723

I keep thinking about how much my new pair of glasses cost. It's fortunate that I could get it on installment since it cost more than I had mentally budgeted for in my head. This is not a flex or anything like that - more a legitimate pause at how much it cost. But I can't deny that my glasses are certainly important enough to invest a lot in. I'm not quite legally blind, but I wouldn't be able to get through the day without my glasses.

I've been wearing glasses on and off since I was in Kindergarten, which is a pretty young age to start. It meant very early attempts at glasses-related humor by others or at the very least kids asking why I had them or even needed them. I think I had a limited period in Prep when I didn't need them because my astigmatism had gone away for a while. But eventually, I needed them again and there has been no going back.

I have a big head. Family used to call me a lollipop kid given the size of my head relative to my body. And while the rest of me eventually caught up to give me better proportions, it's through my glasses over the years that ended up being proof that the circumference of my head is pretty significant. And this has limited my options when it comes to glasses. 

Instead of thinking about how they look, the first question is always "Do they fit?" - and believe me, the fitting hasn't gotten any easier over the years. It's also why I do my best to make my different pairs of glasses last as long as possible - it's always challenging to find a pair that I really feel comfortable with. The aesthetics of my different glasses haven't really shifted over the years. I think the one big change made sometime in high school was no longer wearing thicker plastic frames and going for the more "invisible" frames that were a lot more minimalist. Those remain my default when possible, but I still run into sizing issues.

I'm undecided how I feel about the "look" of my newest pair - I guess I'll figure that out once I actually get them later this week. Admittedly the main focus was that they had the best fit among the limited pairs I tried out yesterday and they didn't necessarily look terrible. At the very least they don't give off that serial killer vibe, so that's something. But they were totally more than I had initially planned to spend and I'll just have to appreciate the installment plan that will help defer the costs a bit more. 

Expect me to post comparison photos once I get them - do feel free to comment on whether they look any better (or worse) than my current pair.