02AE9: More Than Just Nice

Saturday Korean Food

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 721

The weekend has been pleasant so far with a lot of things to celebrate. Star Trek Picard debuted the first episode of its second season and it was a LOT of fun. 

Then we got to have a few close friends over for board games - a major first in quite a long time. We played a nice mix of games and even tried to work through some of the partially-consumed bottles of vodka that we had brought home from previous O Bar nights. And just like old times, we played until sunrise and went to pretty geekily satisfied.

Tobie and I tried to sleep in, to some degree, although Tobie had some work things to address by lunchtime. We keep to our weekend habit of ordering Sariwon Korean barbecue, albeit it was our second Sariwon meal for the week since Tobie had ordered some for Wheelie Day. But there's a fittingness that comes with enjoying Korean food while watching our daily K-Drama episode, the current show still being Goblin, which we started last week.

Today's scheduled RPG session was for our ongoing Night's Black Agents campaign for the Dracula Dossier. It was a relatively shorter session since we still have O Bar plans for later, but it didn't mean it was any less meaty. Things are going down and our respective intelligence agencies seem to be finally getting caught up on the supernatural events around the world. Things are definitely getting more complicated for the group.

Finally, we're now preparing for another O Bar night with friends. Together with in-person gaming, nothing helps us feel like life is getting closer to normal than going to O Bar. It's always a bit of a risk, but so is any other activity that involves encountering other people within any sort of enclosed space. But we continue to believe this to be an acceptable risk, although we still do our part to stay safe even if it means we're one of the few tables of guests that legitimately try to keep their masks on most of the time. 

Tomorrow should be pretty chill, and I have more reading I hope to do and other things. I still have some work stuff I'll need to squeeze in, but the lack of a scheduled game will still give us a lot of flexibility for how the day will go.