02AE7: Internet Frustrations

Thursday Salmon

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 719

They say that the only thing worse than no internet is slow internet.

Our internet connection has been very weird since yesterday or at least how our computers are managing the connections. Speed tests objectively state that things are normal (albeit just for our DSL connection) but Tobie and I have been experiencing significant slowdowns at regular intervals, making work difficult. It's even worse when we both have conference calls to attend and we find that one or the other loses connectivity or gets kicked out.

I've resorted to switching my phone to mobile data to see if that can alleviate some of the load on our main connection. I've even tried tethering to my phone in order to get a particular task done with limited success. So I can't quite tell if it's just our internet or partly a hardware issue...but why both of our computers? Very strange. 

Maybe it's just a limited challenge that will clear up soon enough. Or maybe we have been juggling a lot and our computers are complaining about the workload. The weekend is fast-approaching, so there's that to look forward to. And maybe this is just a reminder to play more actual board games and give our computers a break.

Patience for now. One more day. Repeat as needed.