02AE4: End of February, Beginning of Tomorrow

Monday Omelet

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 716

Everyone knows that February is the shortest month in our shared calendar, even if that only means a difference of 2-3 days, depending on the year. But the brevity of the month will come into play when you really think about it or your find that a lot of your timelines are tighter and your deadlines somehow more urgent. We do live in a very busy mode of life when even just a few days lost can have a big impact on things.

Tomorrow we're shifting to Alert Level 1 in many parts of the country, including Metro Manila. This is the "lowest", or at least the most "relaxed" alert level in the current quarantine system, however, this is still technically a form of community quarantine that continues to limit what we can and cannot do. At this level though, almost all indoor established are back to practically full capacity once more, albeit limited to fully vaccinated individuals still. Those who have been unable to get vaccinated for whatever reason will still be subjected to much stricter movement controls versus others. 

And with national infection numbers down to about a thousand new cases a day, maybe things have turned around.

While I don't foresee us hosting big parties or anything crazy like that anytime soon, I'd like to think that we're well on our way to hosting in-person game nights again, at least for friends who are comfortable enough to meet up in person. We have way too many board games that deserve a full table of players and we haven't had a chance to do so anytime throughout this pandemic. I know not everyone will be comfortable with this sort of thing, but I also know a lot of friends do miss in-person gaming.

It'll be more a question of a proper venue and sufficient capacity. For the Sietch, I think we'll have to limit ourselves to just 1-2 guests at a time so we're not all crammed into a limited space. And that makes sense given how many board games max out at 4 players anyway. But for some of our bigger gaming groups, I'm not yet sure what that would look like, where we can meet up to game, and other details. One of our key groups is pretty much composed entirely of people with one comorbidity or another (the truest sign of aging versus everything else, really) and we've been very careful about seeing one another. But they're also some of the people that I want to see the most.

Things aren't entirely normal just yet, but we're getting very close maybe. And I would like to start to make plans around that sort of thing because life goes on and we totally deserve more than the dreariness of the past two years.