02AE0: Thursday Things

Thursday Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 712

Tomorrow is a Philippine holiday, but I still have work. Tobie has the day off though, so he has scheduled two online RPG sessions to make the most of the day while I get things done at work. So both of us will still be busy tomorrow.

I worked pretty late today because Google Ads wasn't being very friendly towards the end of my shift. I had a lot of ads that I needed to review and revise due to some messaging changes and my computer wasn't quite cooperating. It always feels like things really slow down towards the end of the day, which makes running web apps (particularly Google productivity apps) a lot harder to work with. I eventually got all of the changes processed. That saves me a bit of time tomorrow for the updates to some other work documents that I need to get done.

It's going to be a busy Friday.

I seem to have a cut on my right foot. Not sure how it happened but it's on the ball of my foot, so it was probably during one of the many times I'd walk around the Sietch for steps.  It doesn't seem to be too deep, but it is at an annoying spot that I'm going to feel every time I walk. And all the more I'm going to keep off high-intensity cardio that involves jumping around.