02ADE: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tres Leches

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 710

The weather has been kind of horrible today. I can handle warm sunny days. I can handle gloomy rainy days. But confusing days that have you alternating between sunny and rainy several times within the day are the worst. the end result is peak tropical weather - muggy, humid and uncomfortable. I think I'll take another shower before bed or something just to get rid of the icky feeling.

My legs are still sore from the weekend, so I focused on resistance band training this morning that didn't involve intricate legwork. It wasn't as strenuous as I would have liked, but it was still something. And I know I'd feel worse if I didn't get any physical activity in for the day. I was sort of hoping to get some yoga done by the end of the day but after recording today's Baduy Pride episode, I really wasn't in the mood for it anymore. 

Just got started on Peacemaker tonight and...it's not terrible? Sure it's pretty coarse by design, but I see that James Gunn humor really rings through and that pretty much works. I'm honestly curious to see where all this will go and I hope it just doesn't end as something silly and pointless. But we'll see how all this goes.

Going to have to stay up a bit to wait for the laundry to finish its drying cycle. I could ignore it and just hope they don't get musky if I leave the clothes in the machine overnight. But of course, I'm not going to do that. I could use some Star Trek Online time before bed anyway.