02ADD: Moving Picture Talk

Monday Ground Pork Stir Fry

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 709

For a change of pace, we're finally going to take the plunge and watch a movie at the cinema. And while the theaters have been back in operation for months now, Tobie and I have stayed away while the cases were pretty high. But as we've been comfortable enough to go to O Bar, then maybe it's time to consider a movie once in a while.

So I've booked tickets for Spider-Man: No Way Home on Wednesday as we figure a mid-week movie run would have fewer people to deal with than a weekend show. And while I'm itching to see where we can watch the new West Side Story, it's doubly safer to choose a movie most have probably seen at this point. Layers upon layers of contingencies and risk mitigation efforts. 

So Spider-Man for now. Maybe West Side Story in another month or so. I'm sure it'll get some Oscar buzz that'll help extend its run.

We're almost done with Coffee Prince and it has been charming in its own way. I figure our next one will be Goblin, and beyond that, we'll have to continue to work through all the recommendations thrown our way. It seems that everyone and their dog have been watching K-dramas over the past few years and so we're really playing catch-up.

Work for now. Movie on Wednesday. O Bar on Saturday.