02ADC: Sunday Snippets

Sunday Sushi

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 708

If it isn't obvious, I've been deliberately tinting my blog cover photos pink instead of black/gray ever since the campaign period officially started. It's not much, but I feel like it's my contribution to the campaign in a way. I hope it makes my political alignment very clear and maybe on some level it'll help encourage more people to stand up and be counted. And part of that is explaining the reason behind the color tinting just so I remain super clear.

Today felt a lot more "productive" than yesterday. After last night's Night's Black Agents game, we made some time to watch The King's Man (which was disappointing) and I juggled working on the last of the videos that I had taken last week at O Bar. I still have like 6,000 photos to process, but at least I got all 33 videos out on my YouTube channel. And we'll see if I can squeeze in time for that today.

While Tobie handled the groceries, I opted to go walking around BGC as today's low-impact cardio. I could have jogged or done another circuit-style routine, but my glutes and thighs felt very sore and I didn't want to push too hard. I was tempted to do some weights, but most of my routines involve squats as well, and that might have taken me past what is safe and resulted in injury. 

Walking around BGC is often bittersweet because I end up cataloging different establishments that had shut down. Over the course of my 6km walk, I noted a number of convenience stores, fast food branches, and other retail locations that had either shut down or had already been replaced. The pandemic has been hard on a lot of businesses and you know it's bad when even a McDonald's is unable to stay open.

Then we had our Pendragon game a little earlier than usual due to a schedule constraint, but we still ended up with a pretty solid game session. I also baked a batch of keto pandesal and got started on other titles to read, so I feel a bit more on track in that department. 

The rest of tonight will be devoted to finishing another episode of Coffee Prince, processing some O Bar photos, getting through my Star Trek Online dailies and other typical Sietch chores.