02AD9: Almost There

Thursday Chicken and Cabbage
Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 705

My work to-do list looked a lot shorter by the end of today and I felt like I could breathe properly again. We still have one more workday to get through tomorrow, but I no longer feel like struggling to keep pace with things as they come in. Maybe using Google Tasks has helped me focus a bit more or maybe I just like checking things off of lists and creating more lists feeds into that.

Our copies of the deluxe editions of Canvas and Canvas: Reflections arrived today and I'm pretty excited to explore the game. We won't have time in the immediate future given how work has been going, but we'll figure something out. The two boxes are absolutely pretty together. Then again, what else should we have expected from a game all about creating beautiful art, right?

Canvas and Canvas: Reflections

Today was a Baduy Pride night, so we're ending with a lot less free time. But we had a lot of fun with the episode, so there's that. 

I'm so behind on my reading this month and all the changes to comiXology Kindle Comics aren't really helping. I have to re-download my digital comics to my phone and I've been loathing the need to re-explore the desktop reading experience via the Kindle Cloud Reader app. I love Kindle for books, but there was a reason I had embraced comiXology so much. This transition is going to be rough in the interim, but I'll get over it in time. It's not like there's an option to go back to the way things were.