02AD6: Monday Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Dinner
Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 702

Mondays are always busy days for both of us so we end up setting up to work in different rooms. Tobie generously lets me stay at the dining table while he works in our bedroom. Sometimes we can at least meet up for lunch before we dive back into our respective meetings and such. But on busier days, we don't see each other until the end of the day.

Today was one of those days. Tobie didn't even get to have lunch until the very end of his day, which isn't a good thing health-wise. And then he had to rush to get our weekly grocery done since we had run out of time for it yesterday between O Bar recovery and a one-shot game in the afternoon. So we ended up talking more while he was going through the aisles as made sure not to miss anything we might need to last another week.

So it's not exactly how you would imagine our Valentine's Day would go, but it is what it is.

Not that we've been super big on Valentine's Day celebrations in the past. Trying to do any of the traditional activities would typically mean jockeying for table reservations and the nicer restaurants during the pre-pandemic times. And so typically we'd celebrate with some nice take-out or the occasional surprise gift. Tobie would often sneak in surprise chocolates into my work bag or something like that.

And another pandemic year doesn't feel like a great time to celebrate "holidays" like this. We have bigger fish to fry after all as part of our efforts to stay safe without going stir crazy. 

So our Valentine's Day wrapped up with a keto-friendly carrot(-less) cake, another episode of Coffee Prince followed by the last few episodes of Only Murders in the Building.