02AD3: Friday Brain Clearing

Friday Revived Leftovers

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - 699

My computer has been wanting to restart for an update for most of the day and yet I resist. This ended up being the sort of Friday where I dedicated extra time at the end of my workday just to catch up on other stuff that were still on my to-do list. I try not to "bring home" work beyond my regular working hours, but I also wanted to clear more things from my list so that next week doesn't start too loaded.

This week seems to be when a lot of our clients seem to be busy with planning for the next quarter. And that results in an above-average number of requests for past performance data or calling for new ideas and strategies to inform future decisions. And that means plates upon plates upon plates spinning in the air all at the same time. 

But it's already the weekend, so I'm going to park these work-related thoughts for now just as I wrap up this blog post. But writing about it, even obliquely, then I get to leave my brain free for more interesting things. And then all my to-do lists and reminders and calendar appointments will become extra relevant again on Monday.