02AD2: Odd Updates

Thursday Leftovers

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 698

My computer has been unusually slow the past few days. And this is despite the fact that I'm the sort of person who completely shuts down his computer on weekdays to help with performance. However, when this has happened in the past it turns out that Windows is downloading some large update in the background and it's taking up my system resources during the day or something. 

Of course, I waited for this blog post to consider checking. It seems I do have several updates pending installation, so one can safely assume the downloads took place during the day. And it didn't help that I also had some work files to download today. Every time I triggered a new file download, things would slow to a crawl, which can be infuriating while working. 

So let's hope things run better tomorrow. A slow computer can be so stressful at work.

I keep saying that there's a lot going on at work, but there's no avoiding how true that statement has been for months now. Or maybe it's not necessarily a seasonal thing and something more related to my role at work. It's not going to stop being busy until, I dunno, maybe once we deeper our leadership bench or something? It's all fulfilling work, which is what keeps me going. Good jobs provide a fair amount of challenge to continue to push you to better yourself all the while leaving you with the feeling that you're doing something of value.

And I'm going to need all that to keep me going through one more workday. We have a lot of plates still spinning in the air and I just want to finish everything I want to get done. I've reached a point where I've started using Google Tasks in my work Gmail sidebar whereas I usually limited myself to Google Calendar reminders or OneNote checkbox lists.

Just one day more...for this week at least.