02AC8: Monday Holiday Displacement

Monday Steamed Egg Gyeranjjim

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 688

Our office is closed until Wednesday for Chinese New Year, so that meant a lot more free time. Tobie's Chinese New Year holiday was shifted from tomorrow to today, so we got to stay up more. And we ended up tackling a couple more escape rooms in Escape Simulator because why not right? We're really enjoying the at-home puzzle experience the game provides. And Tobie is already starting to explore the level builder so we'll see what challenges he'll come up with. If only more friends had a copy of the game as well.

Holiday festivities for today included me not working out (accidentally, but by design), stepping out so I could settle something for work, and Tobie attempting to get some bank stuff done, but it turns out the bank closes earlier under Alert Level 3. 

The other fun thing we got to do today was to eat out for a change. Since we were about in the middle of the afternoon on a working day for most people, it meant very few people at the mall and zero people (initially) at the restaurant. To be safe, we opted to take an outdoor table despite missing out on the fun of Korean barbecue grilling right at the table, but it was a safe trade-off in the name of safety. 

This was only our second time to eat at Soban K-Town Grill at One Bonifacio, which is part of the Happyfoods group that includes our beloved Sariwon. We had experienced terrible service the one time we had eaten there before, but that was also pre-pandemic. A much emptier restaurant does make it relatively easier for the staff to notice you, except for the fact that we were sitting outside. But the meal itself was great and it made for a nice little escape given our typical quarantine routine.

Tomorrow Tobie has work while I still have the day off. Then Tobie filed leave on Wednesday so that we can share the last day of my holiday for more rest time at home. I foresee more time playing things like Unpacking and Star Trek Online in- between.