02AC7: New Game Entertainments

Sunday Omelet

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 687

Since Tobie had already done the grocery shopping on Saturday, that left this morning wide open for anything. What happened instead is that we finally tried out Escape Room Simulator as we had just purchased them during this weekend's Steam Lunar New Year sale. You know we do love our escape room-style experiences as evidenced by many of the many puzzle-oriented tabletop games in our collection. And this promised to be another way to scratch that itch.

While we're still getting used to the in-game controls, the game has a lot of potential. The best thing about it is that it's actually a platform more than a game and so it's possible for us to create our own escape room levels or we can explore different community creations, so this theoretically has unlimited game potential. We got through the tutorial stage and a multiple-room Egyptian stage and it turned out to be quite a lot of fun. Sure we ended our game past 05:00am, thus shifting our sleeping time to later in the morning, but it was still a lot of fun and a nice way to invest some of this holiday time. 

Given we had already finished our Fairview campaign the other week, today's reserved RPG slot became a bit moot. Thankfully Tobie was able to pull things together so that we could still try out the Star Trek Adventures RPG system for a one-shot session. It's a crunchier system than I'd typically enjoy but it's still pretty fun. Tobie and I were talking about it after the session and it does still feel like a game that makes more sense for me to play versus him just given how deeply involved I am with the lore, but you can't really tell given Tobie's greater experience when it comes to running games.

But I really need to work towards preparing for a campaign using The Expanse RPG system as we already have a group that is looking forward to the game. This, of course, terrifies me to even just think about, but I'll figure it out in time. But first I need to read the campaign supplement that got released after the main book and see where things go from there. Then maybe I can begin to think about running a Star Trek game of my own.

Speaking of Trek, I'm also in the process of trying to revive my Star Trek Online character as of late. The annual anniversary event is helping get me back into the groove of things since there's a pretty cool ship I want to get. But what would really help me along would be to find other players to link up with any maybe work together with for a fleet/alliance thing. Interesting diversions for now. I just hope that I can really dive into this seriously because there's a LOT of love put into that game and the ongoing stories are all pretty awesome.