02AC3: Considering Retelling Old Stories

Wednesday Kimchi Soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 683

I have this weird idea for more thematic content for this blog. As much as its core function is still related to helping me cope with the stresses of daily life through the catharsis of writing, I kind of want to write about other things. But to stay in "theme" with how this is a personal blog, I figured it might be fun to write about older stories of my younger (pre-blogging) year maybe or just talk about different subjects like the food I loved but no longer eat or something. 

Plus this might help me whenever I can't quite go into detail about the events of my day but still want to have something to write about here. Sometimes I lose time staring at my empty Blogger editing screen because the words just won't come - or I'm really constrained from going into detail about things like work. So yeah, there should be room for writing about other things that are still of a personal nature.

If any of you have suggestions or things about my past that you might want me to write about, do let me know. It might make for a good writing exercise.

In other news, two board game Kickstarter rewards arrived today. One was Gloomier: A Night at Hemlock Hall expansion for Gloom together with the special Gloom Grief Case that provides sufficient storage space for the base game and all of its expansions and spin-offs in one creepy little container. The other was Quezzle Amazing Cappadocia, which is 4 separate 250-piece wooden puzzles that combine into a larger mosaic filled with secrets and mysteries that tie to a list of quests that come with the set. Both promise their own variety of fun and I'm looking forward to getting them properly set up.

Gloomier is a little bittersweet because Karen and I had talked about the Kickstarter when it came up. She was trying to be more responsible about her spending and wasn't sure about backing the project, so I reassured her that since we had a complete set of the Gloom games, I'd just make sure to bring them with us during our next FGTC game night. But here we are at the start of another year and we're still not allowed to gather as a group and Karen is no longer with us



  1. possible topic: when did you first started appreciating or became a fan of the art of drag?


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