02ABC: Recovery Steps

Wednesday Eggs

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 676

I finally got to do some yoga again today - the first time I've done any more serious physical activity since my back injury last week. Not gonna lie - I was very nervous about going back since I didn't just want my back pain to relapse. I limited myself to a moderate restorative yoga flow just to get a feel for my body's progress and make sure that the pain had really passed. And I was able to get through the entire flow without feeling any serious pain or discomfort, so at least there's that.

Tomorrow I'll aim to do a slightly more challenging flow while still avoiding twisting motions that might aggravate my back. I really want to get back into my old workout groove, but Tobie keeps reminding me to take things slow. These injuries keep happening for a reason after all - and it's not like I was using serious weights or anything.

So this week will be all about rebuilding strength with yoga and maybe I'll re-introduce weights next week. I keep reminding myself to be patient. But I know that my higher weigh-ins are also driving me a little nuts and I'm eager to try to get back on track.

At least I've kept up with my steps. It did reach a point where the pain made it difficult to walk easily and so I was worried things were going to get worse. Thankfully things got better on their own or the mefenamic acid helped loosen up whatever had seized up inside me. It's probably a combination of all that plus actually trying to rest. Whatever it is, at least it worked. I'll just have to make the most of things for now. 

But man, it was really nice to get my body moving again.