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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 674

My Enom-hosted blog domain is still inaccessible for some reason enough though the whole data migration has officially been "closed for now. But the ongoing DNS issues have been relegated to an entirely different support ticket because why not, right? So this is a blog post that people won't get to see right away even though it's not meant to be private. What a weird feeling.

But I mainly blog for myself more than anyone else, so it'll still serve the purpose of giving me an outlet for my thoughts and feelings at the end of another day. But it is a very weird situation we're in at the moment. And while there's no guarantee any other domain registrar will be a better option than Enom, I may consider moving all my blogs to Google Domains once each comes up for renewal. 

We've recently been watching Schitt's Creek in an effort to try to figure out why the show is so popular. The first season was tough to get through and left me and Tobie questioning why so many people like this show, but we're pressing on through the second season to give it a decent chance. Otherwise, I'll demote this to something I'll watch on my own and not bother Tobie with it. 

The real gem is that Tobie managed to get us a copy of Drive My Car, which we finally sat down to watch after work. I wasn't prepared for a 3-hour movie, but I have no regrets about the experience. Once again, we found ourselves watching a long movie based on a short story, but this piece was amazingly thoughtful and the additional material woven from the cloth of the original written work made a lot of sense. Definitely a nice way to end the night.

Hopefully I'll have a working blog domain by tomorrow.