02AB8: Saturday Momentary Relief

Saturday Street

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 672

Back Pain Update: The pain is still pretty bad and I can tell how concerned Tobie is when he watches me struggle to get into bed. It's still pretty bad now and it took a significant amount of stubbornness for me to get some errands for the family done today despite this. As a consolation, I made sure to pick up some Ponstan SF since just ibuprofen wasn't cutting it. And it's only by tonight that the meds have really kicked in and I feel SO much better. I know the cause of the pain is still there and that will require time to fully heal. And while it still hurts to bend forward and such, at least the overall level of pain has diminished and I'm a lot more functional versus this morning.

Hopefully, the pain passes sooner than later though. I and doing my best to be patient with my recovery, but I'm also a little anxious that I've been unable to work out since Tuesday.

Part of our feel-good fare over the past few days is finally watching the latest season of Queer Eye, which is really quite the heartwarming show. I never anticipated that I'd so get into this show given the premise, but they've really done a great job with curing great "heroes" to help out. And it's more than just a makeover show that means a lot of superficial changes that probably aren't sustainable. It does feel like there's a genuine effort to equip them with a framework for how to move forward and not just some random tips and tricks they're bound to forget a few weeks after the episode. 

Beyond the pain though, I'm feeling a lot better this weekend. Things generally feel like they're more where they should be and the bulk of our recent COVID-19 scare is passed as it has been 2 weeks since our potential exposure. We'll continue to be careful, of course, but it feels like quite the load lifted off of both of our shoulders that we've managed to get through this. I doubt it'll be our last potential exposure throughout the pandemic (which is clearly far from over), but it's not like we expect this to become a recurring thing. We're still pretty careful and we limit ourselves to some pretty calculated risks. And I'd like to think that this will continue to see us through.

I'll save talking about the end of The Expanse TV series for tomorrow or something.