02AB5: Mid-Week Pivot?

Wednesday Meal

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 669

Yep, it seems I've pulled or strained that same back muscle that I keep injuring every now and then. So I didn't get to work out this morning apart from keeping up with my steps throughout the day. I hate being forced to take a break, but the injury means I've been overdue for one, so go figure. So now I'm moving very carefully to avoid triggering the pain - and I know it mainly has to do with when I make twisting motions. And because the human body is a very complicated machine, I also feel the pain somehow if I get up from a chair too quickly. Delightful.

Work as work was work - and there's still a lot of work left in the week. 

But we're at the mid-point of the week, and so we can start to properly look forward to the weekend ahead. We have a couple of games scheduled and we also have the (scheduled) end of the current Alert Level 3 period. And while the government is most likely to extend it even further given our case numbers are still pretty bad, at least the current schedule is counting down. 

Steadily forward for now.