02AB4: Unusual Quiet

Tuesday Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 668

Our all-time COVID-19 cases in the country crossed the 3 million mark with 28,007 new cases reported today. Different government officials have stressed that we don't qualify for Alert Level 4 in Metro Manila just yet, but in the same breath say that they're supposedly ready for the eventuality as well. Then again, what else is to be expected - the government has been consistent at denying everything but claiming credit for everything all throughout this administration.

Feeling a bit of back pain again tonight - it really blossomed after work while I was doing my dailies (i.e. Elevate and Duolingo) and walking to generate more steps. It's in the same part of my left side that has pain every now and then, so it may be related to my resistance band workout this morning. It's definitely becoming a bit of a recurring pain that seems to surface when I twist too much. The funny thing is that I didn't feel anything all day, which makes me think nothing's wrong. But the few times I've felt similar pain always involved a weird delay before the pain really surfaced. 

I hope it's nothing serious because I feel really off-balance when I'm unable to work out in the morning before work. For now, I've had some quality time with a foam roller, took a painkiller, and applied some Omega - we'll see how things feel when I wake up. I'll try to play it smart, but I can be rather stubborn when it comes to my routines.

And as much as things have been busy at work (as always), it has been sort of quiet outside of work. Sure the news is dismal and work can be stressful, but the home life is pretty uneventful. And even with "just" Alert Level 3, the streets are back to being pretty quiet after sunset with weird things like our condo's Property Management Office temporarily closing because of the current cases. It's a weird feeling - or less a feeling and more an odd interpretation or read of the situation at large. I'm sure it's nothing major and maybe we just need to get to the weekend to fully shake things off. I think I just want a greater sense of normalcy to return but I don't even know how to define what that "normal" is anymore.

I can't quite put whatever this is into words just yet but I think I'm finally scratching the surface of what it may be here. We'll get there.