02AB3: Another Week of This

Monday Sinigang Leftovers

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 667

Another day, another new record high in terms of new COVID-19 cases identified in a single day. And that's with 10 laboratories not submitting their updates on time for the 04:00pm DOH bulletin. And still, the government keeps stating that there's still no need to shift to a higher alert level in Metro Manila because...not all of the parameters for Alert Level 4 have been met? We're going to continue on as we are because only two of the three thresholds have been crossed? 

That's government logic for you. 

As I've been reading the What Did You Eat Yesterday? manga as of late, which has had the funny side effect of me sort of narrating my meal preparations in my head. It's not quite to the level of actually describing recipes and steps of preparation in detail. Instead, it's about the supplementary steps like portioning part of the dish for future meals or maybe just the process of cutting a particular vegetable. It's rather amusing as we did enjoy the show and the manga is quite fun. It's a natural intermingling of fiction with real life.

If only my dishes were as creative as the ones in the book. Sure, they still get to use carbs, but they also feature more comprehensive meals that always include side dishes! That takes a fair amount of time and effort - and more importantly creativity. Especially given how each issue of the manga manages to include a new set of recipes for yet another meal.

My meal preparations may not be as complex, but they're still good enough to eat. And if the current situation is any indicator, they're still worth some internal narration.