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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 666

Didn't realize today would be the "devil" number in terms of the quarantine count. I don't put a lot of stock into things like this, but it can make you wonder a bit. Then again, it's not like the back-to-back quarantine declarations have been a walk in the park. But this also means we're at the start of our 96th week in quarantine with no end in sight.

We hit an all-time record for new COVID-19 cases in a single day - 28,707 cases. As usual, the government representatives have been downplaying the possibility of Metro Manila and other high-risk areas shifting to a stricter level of quarantine. But if our quarantine history is any indication, the administration is just as likely to make an about-face on their own policy declarations at the drop of a hat. And if the current trend continues - and it's totally a trend - then I'm pretty sure there won't be any justification to avoid stricter quarantine restrictions apart from the usual battle cry of "keeping the economy running" and all that fun stuff.

We had our first tabletop RPG session of the year - this being our ongoing Pendragon campaign. We were also supposed to have a Night's Black Agents session last night, but that game got canceled since one of the players wasn't feeling well - a sadly common occurrence these days. But at least our games are still generally continuing despite the ups and downs of this pandemic. They are a bit of a lifeline and a decent way to stay in contact with friends. And we have to make the most of our available social channels for now.