02AB0: Quarantine Traditions

Keto Filipino Ube Cheese Pandesal

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 664

2022 really started with a bang on so many fronts that I'm feeling pretty drained at the end of this first week of this year. But hey, it's the weekend, so we shouldn't be all gloomy at this point. There's time to rest and recover and we'll be get refreshed and ready for the next week ahead.

So today I went a little crazy with my Keto Filipino order. I usually get keto snacks from them every two weeks, but I hadn't factored in them closing on New Year's Eve, so that sort of threw my usual cycle out of whack. So that, combined with all the craziness of this year thus far, motivated me to indulge a bit. So I not only ordered my usual portioned snacks for the coming weeks, but I also got some extra brownies, a carrot(less) cake, and - in true Philippine quarantine fashion - some ube cheese pandesal. 

I almost wanted to gorge on everything all at once, but I'm not THAT crazy just yet. We do need to pace these things after all. But it made for a nice change of pace. And as this was my first time to order this particular pandesal, it was a rather happy surprise. I just have to figure out how to enjoy it without getting burned by molten cheese oozing out of the roll. 

Things are pretty quiet again in the area - at least based on what I can see from our window. Gone are the queues of cars clustered around SM Aura at rush hour and we're back to emptier streets. Criticize the ridiculous and confusing alert levels as much as you want, at least people are sort of taking the thing and are trying to stay home more. Having new COVID-19 cases cross the 20k threshold today probably helped.

Here's to another weekend at home. Stay safe, everyone.