02AAF: The Numbers Continue

Thursday Leftovers

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 663

We had 17,220 new COVID-19 cases today, which is the highest new cases in a day since September 2021. I'm pretty sure we're still seeing the backlog/surge from the holidays, so things are likely to get a little crazier still. The President has made a number of pronouncements throughout the week (since they divide his recorded meetings into multiple videos now), but admittedly I've been unable to keep track o what he has had to say. 

You know how it is - actual policy changes tend to get communicated by the IATF through his spokesman or other channels. These recorded communications tend to focus on his more personal sentiments about things and somehow these magically get translated into policy statements by those around him. Such has been the way of things all throughout the pandemic and I doubt that'll change anytime soon - at least not with the present administration. 

The rollercoaster continues.

The only thing that still surprises me at this point is the fact that the administration hasn't called for some sort of a lockdown. I mean sure, we also know that they're very loathe to stop economic activity and will push the limits of what is possible for as long as they keep tax money rolling in. But at the same time, the crazy rise in cases must be pretty hard to ignore at this point. And it's not like anyone necessarily wants a lockdown, but one also can't help but feel something along these lines is needed at this point. Only time will tell, I suppose.