02AAE: Happy Escapism

The Daily Cut

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 662

We had a big deadline today that pretty much defined our first workweek for the year and I'm glad we got through it. It's always stressful but in the end, all the hard work pays off. And that rush always feels pretty good once you get past the worst of things. You get to pat yourself on the back, take it all in for a moment, then get ready for the next thing that needs addressing. 

I was still pretty worked up from the day's activities that I needed to get out of the Sietch for a bit after work. I had woken up too late to workout before I clocked in, which was probably a factor in my mood by the end of the day. My morning workout is both for my physical and mental health, in my experience. So I ended up going out for a jog after my last meeting.

I figured that I'd just go for 30 or so minutes, which usually translates to over 3 kilometers for me. But I decided to take a slightly slower pace than normal and managed 4.5 kilometers albeit at a slower pace than my usual. And because I tend to jog without a set path and just focus on avoiding stoplights and other people, I ended up walking another 1.5 kilometers including the walk home, which certainly made for a fulfilling bit of exercise. 

It also meant I had a lot less time to prepare dinner, but that's the trade-off, I guess. No regrets though, I really needed the run.

Then it was just a night for feel-good TV fare with Tobie. We finally watched the last episode of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, which was charming in its own way but still annoyed me at different points of the show. I was much happier being able to watch the New Year's special episodes of What Did You Eat Yesterday? which lead to a funny side-conversation about whether Tobie and I should try to dress up as the protagonists Shiro and Kenji. Perhaps we'll save that idea for a time when we can properly celebrate Halloween. 

Press on, dear friends. There are still good things to celebrate despite the gloom and doom out there. We'll all keep fighting and we'll get through these most memorable times.