02AAB: Now Back to Our Regular Programming

Sunday Brunch

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 659

When Christmas and New Year fall on weekends, it does make for a relatively shorter holiday season. And thus most of us are struggling to shift back into work mode in time for the big Monday back. But work is work is work, and so we just have to shake off the holiday lethargy and start the year right.

Today the Department of Health reported 4,600 new COVID-19 cases in the country. We have no clear indicator on how many of these cases are due to the new Omicron variant of the disease - that sort of sequencing takes more time and we haven't really demonstrated a consistent ability to test for variants quickly. A lot of people on social media are complaining of colds and generally feeling under the weather, which could still be just as likely to the colder weather as much as it could be COVID-19. No idea how to determine which case is more likely, and so that only adds to everyone's worries and potential anxiety

This does make for a less than ideal start to the new year.

We're definitely going to be staying in again for the foreseeable future. As much as we love O Bar, the way the cases are going makes it practically inevitable that being in any sort of space with other people may risk infection of some sort. I'm waiting for our building to provide an update on how they'll interpret the Alert Level 3 restrictions as in the past this meant entirely banning guests from entering and other such measures. Not that we regularly have people over or anything, but it's nice to have the option in case we do decide to have a friend over even for a few hours of gaming or something.

My new distraction is using a service called Trakt to record everything that I watch. It's not quite a Letterboxd-style arrangement that is more review-focused (like how I use Goodreads). Instead, it's really more focused on recording what you watch and making it easier to figure out which streaming services potentially have the shows or movies you might want to watch. It's this last feature that makes it pretty interesting, but we'll see how practical it becomes in the long term. For now, I'm just updating a ridiculous amount of movies and shows as having been watched already, which will of course skew my viewing stats. 

Hmm, hearing a lot of sirens just now. I wonder what's going on at this time of the night?