02A60: A Lot For a Friday

Friday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 594

My workday started heavy and didn't quite let up. We had two end-of-campaign reports that we need to polish off - one had to be submitted while the other was to be discussed during a review meeting at noon. I also had a good number of meetings along with a project that required the help of an outside partner, which tends to limit my ability to control things. So there were a lot of back and forth conversations as part of our coordination efforts. I'll still have things that I'll need to see through to completion over the weekend, but such is life.

It's a long weekend for many but we'll still have work on Monday. The trade-off is that Thursday will be a non-working day for me since it's Deepavali in Singapore. Not sure what value there'll be in a mid-week holiday like that beyond maybe giving me time to unbox Transformers or take photos of my Star Trek starships. I was a little tempted to take Monday off, but I doubt I'd actually get to fully enjoy the day with everything else going on. Maybe Tobie can "join" me for Thursday if it's not too inconvenient for him in terms of his workload. We'll see how things will go, as always. 

To sort of balance off the busy week, tonight we had our little Halloween celebration at work. Instead o a full costume competition, we had a mask competition instead as that works well enough on a video conference call. Our main activity for the night was to watch a scary movie together, and the group had voted to watch Ready or Not, which was too scary for me and had some fun moments. 

That movie got me in the mood for revisiting things in houses. I was this close to re-watching Knives Out, but instead, I first opted for something lighter. This led to Clue, which is one of my favorite movies for so many reasons. It's still so great and I kept laughing throughout the movie even for the jokes I had committed to memory years ago. Some movies just work that way I guess.

I finally loaded The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix while working on this blog. I'm not great with horror, but so many good things have been said about this series that I had committed to watching it eventually. Tobie has already watched it, of course, so that helps me prepare better as he can warn me about any potentially intense moments. And watching it while juggling my blogging does help divide my attention and temper some of my fears when my brain tries to anticipate the scarier bits. I don't think we're going to finish the series tonight since I still want to make time to play board games with Tobie, but at least I've gotten past the first episode with quitting. I do tend to finish things I start after all.