02A5A: Saturday Schedule

Saturday Keto Carrot Cake

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 588

Today was my monthly excursion for errands, which involves me walking all the way to Mercury Drug then over to my family condo, then I go home. I don't take too many detours since I'm trying to minimize how much time I spend outdoors and am potentially exposed to other people. And this is important because (1)  obviously don't want to increase my chances of COVID-19 infection, (2) I don't want to bring it home to Tobie, and (3) I also don't want to risk bringing it over to my family when I visit them.

Beyond running errands, this is also my chance to spend time with my parents and catch up on different stories. Before I'd visit them on a weekly basis but as the pandemic has stretched longer and longer I've limited those visits to just once a month for the aforementioned reasons. These visits are super important to me, but I also feel very worried that I've already potentially exposed them to something despite my efforts to sanitize, down to changing my shirt every time I drop by. What a life this quarantine has shaped for us, eh? 

I'm just glad that it wasn't too busy around BGC today. I had seen the photos of how busy things had gotten over previous weekends, especially around High Street. Today it helped that it had rained in the morning, so that probably limited how many people could go out and just mill around the area instead of staying home. I know things are relatively safer than they used to be earlier in the year, but I don't think it's that safe just yet.

Today we had our Pendragon RPG game, but we were one player down for the session. We still had a good game, but it was a shame that the party wasn't complete. But these game sessions are still a great time to virtually hang out with friends. So before we returned to Arthurian Britain we talked about the new Dune movie and other things because it's nice to talk about geeky things with friends. 

With our session already over, we still have the rest of Saturday night to ourselves. There's a new season of Locke & Key on Netflix, and we're starting to go through it. The series is very much its own story outside the original scope of the comics and it's interesting in its own way. I still keep comparing the source material and the show, but the show on its own is still good enough to embrace on its own.