02A59: Friday Night Considerations

Friday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 587

Given other meetings and things that needed to get done, my cooking for the day was rather limited. Lunch was my quick mushroom pasta (no meat!) that I modified slightly by adding a few more spices - blame us finishing The Way of Hot and Spicy on Netflix and me wondering if we can handle a bit more heat in our meals. Dinner was reheated sinigang, but the soup was running low on protein. Thankfully we still had some nicely bony pork cubes in the fridge, so I was able to bolster the soup in that manner.

This weekend we have two online RPG sessions scheduled, but we're not quite 100% sure the Sunday game will push through. I really hope it does though since that game has been deferred for some time now due to scheduling challenges that keep coming up. Apart from that, I still have a medicine run I need to do for my folks and Tobie has the grocery run on Sunday. 

I just booked a ticket for a live stream broadcast of PETA's Under My Skin, which is the second such play I've booked to watch online. The prior one is Repertory Philippines' The Great Christmas Cookie Bake-Off, which is another of their family-friendly shows. It's just such a relief to see local theater groups able to put on productions again apart from Zoom concerts and different Kumu shows. I've been pretty worried about a lot of different live performance industries over the course of this pandemic and it's nice to see them trying to come back, even if it means enjoying what feels like pre-recorded shows. Heck, they're probably edited scenes stitched together. Is it still theater when it's a recording of portions of a live production? We'll find out.

What a weird year full of so many different aspects of our lives struggling to figure out how to adapt to the ongoing situation. Some things work better than others. Most continue to struggle to find their way. And one can't help but feel that many are running out of time