02A54: Sunday Squeeze

Sunday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 582

We actually had a pretty tight Sunday schedule because of a number of reasons. But now the day is ending and one can't help but wish we had more time in the weekend for other things.

One of the big constraints of the day was Tobie's scheduled talk on game design. He had to be online by 01:00pm, which normally wouldn't be a challenge had Sunday not also been our grocery day. And since we had also stayed up late finishing The Magicians and playing another round of the Star Trek Deck Building Game, it really meant that we had to rearrange our schedule creatively in order to get things done.

So Tobie managed to get out of bed by 10:00am and made his way to the grocery on his own. I had my workout routine for the day, which on Sundays is a mix of upper body weights training followed by a length yoga flow. Tobie actually arrived home while I was still finishing up my yoga but at least it was well before his 01:00pm call time. 

I cooked tinola for lunch while Tobie was waiting for his talk to start. Things took a while and I actually got to eat while he was still waiting for things to start up, but that's how these events go. And by the time Tobie finished, it was already time for our Pendragon RPG session, so schedules sort of started to pile up. Thus Tobie only got to eat during the start of our RPG session, which was fine since we just opted to chat and hang out online while waiting for Tobie to be ready. I also had to prepare my weekly batch of keto pandesal at the same time since I couldn't use the hand mixer while Tobie was conducting his talk.

But we got to get into the game eventually and our heroic knights of the Round Table are dealing with complex situations of a diverse nature. And because I was determined not to order out, I found a way to manage preparing pasta for us in-between my character turns. 

So today involved a lot of different activities within a limited amount of time, but it all made for a good day. I still wish we had other options like being able to head out for a drink or to meet up with our RPG friends in person instead of just via another Google Meet call, but we just have to work with the constraints of this pandemic situation.