02A4B: Friday Round Up

Friday Gaming

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 573

First up, the headlines in case you folks haven't had the time to follow the news today.
Last political bit for this blog post - a quick bit on all the pink stuff on social media over the last 24 hours. Changing your profile photo to something pink may not have any more effect on the elections than sending thoughts and prayers via social media to help someone with legitimate problems, it still has value. Any LGBT person who has come out can tell you the power of standing up to be counted and all this outpouring of pink really helps show where people stand at a glance. And it's the importance of being prepared to publically declare support for whichever candidate you want to support.

To try to dismiss it as "just more color politics" belittles what this is really about. We got to this point because too many felt that they didn't need to state their political stands and beliefs in public and just trust that the system will correct itself. We are in the world's longest lockdown precisely because too many voices (admittedly including my own) played it safe and didn't speak up. Yes, social media is just one small aspect of the diverse life (and society) we are living and are a part of. But if you can't even stand up and be counted on social, it makes it a bit harder to believe you're going to carry the fight elsewhere. Instead, it feels like rationalizations like this just act as cover for people who will continue to sit on the fence.

I'm going to be very publically vocal about my support for Leni Robredo's presidential campaign because I know she has an uphill battle in the months ahead. And my work in marketing just stresses that those key messages need to be continually delivered repeatedly in order to drive them home. So thank you to those friends and contacts who have also decided to do something to publicly show their support for the Vice President's campaign. 


Last night we tried out Paleo for the first time. It's a game that we had both been curious about for some time and Tobie managed to secure a copy for us that finally arrived this week. Our first game was a struggle and given it's a cooperative game, we actually lost. But it was quite the fun experience somewhat similar to games like Robinson Crusoe but with a different set of mechanics to juggle. And I do want to make time to play another round or two this weekend to see if we can finally take on that mammoth. 

I really need to make more time to play games with Tobie. This blog is just a reminder of that. We still have our online RPG sessions, yes, but the physical board games also deserve more love, even if just means the two of us playing. We do miss gaming with friends since that helps to shake up our table dynamic, but we just have to work with what we have as it's still more prudent for people to avoid contact with individuals from other households. We're still in the middle of a pandemic, folks.