02A42: Workout Photo Timer

Workout Timing

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 564

For those who follow me on social media, you may notice a certain regularity with how I post workout-related updates. It started as a sort of accountability practice to show that I was sticking to my workout commitment, and it also helped me document the various workouts I'd go through using the Nike Training Club app. And given I do love my habits and cycles, it has become a significant part of my routine.

But since I work out before my workday starts, sometimes I end up missing out on updating about my workouts on a real-time basis because I have to rush to my first meeting for the day. Working from home means that I can push things to the limits, as it were, but cutting it close means no time for little social media indulgences.

So in a way, the timing of my workout photos as of late are an indicator of how busy my workday is going. Ever since I stopped following NTC workout plans in order to shake things up, I also have fewer updates to stress over since I'm not posting the names of the workouts I'm doing. So the posts become a bit more deliberate (and selfie-driven) and for some reason less time-bound? But I do generally try to get the post up in the morning - it feels weird when I end up posting these things many hours later at the end of my shift. But it is what it is.