02A3E: Sariwon Return

Saturday Sariwon

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 560

Sariwon is BACK!

They had been closed since the weekend of my birthday since it seems their management decided not to stay open during the previous MECQ period when in previous instances they had operated for take-out all throughout. I have no idea why they had done this - maybe it just wasn't cost-effective for them to operate without dine-in operations or they didn't want to risk the safety of their people. In either case, it seems that their plan was that no dine-in means no more operations.

The other night Tobie and I were both pretty tired from a long day of meetings and other work tasks. We both knew that neither of us felt up to cooking dinner and we were both thinking of delivery options. But I had a vague memory of the last time we had checked on the Sariwon website (and we typically check every weekend), the last date of their extended closure was supposed to end this week. 

And true enough they're back! And we got to order them for an emergency dinner when we didn't want to cook. And we got to order again today, which has been our weekend habit for most of the community quarantine starting from last year. I had previously mentioned this was part of our efforts to keep this particular restaurant alive since so many have closed over the course of this very terrible (almost) two years.  

This seems like a very little thing, but I'm still super happy that they're back. As we have been severely limiting our reasons for going out, these little indulgences for food delivery options make a WORLD of difference to us. And it has been such a bummer not to have Sariwon in our weekly routine for pretty much a month.

Curse you, stupid government handling of this pandemic.