02A34: Domestic Escape Rooms

Escape Room Games

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 550

It's Tobie's fault that I've gotten so hooked on tabletop escape room games. Exit: The Game, Unlock!, Escape Tales, Undo, and others all offer unique flavors of puzzles and riddles. I guess these games just speak to the part of me that grew up loving adventure games on the PC. And since our first such experience with Exit, Tobie has continued to find new tabletop experiences for us to try together. And as much as we enjoy sharing these unique games with friends when we can, I'm perfectly happy braving these brain-teasers with just Tobie at my side.

It's weird that no matter how busy work gets, I can still muster the brain space to play these games during the week. I know Tobie would much rather play more complex games that involve strategy and such but he supports my passion for these games when I ask to play and I love him all the more for it. 

This week we've played two unique games that Tobie has added to our collection. One is 50 Clues, which is unique in that it advertises itself as a game with a story not suitable for children. It's certainly quite disturbing and the mature content warning is very much warranted. But it's also not the most elegant of the games we've played with a lot of room for growth and for a richer narrative.

The other game we just tried is a new spin on Exit: The Room that has moved away from using different puzzle cards to guide the experience. Instead, the game includes four different 88-piece puzzles that contain different aspects of the story and thus must only be assembled when the game instructs us to do so. As much as I've missed putting puzzles together, the little ones in this game were surprisingly tricky and it took us longer than I expected to get through them. There were some very interesting new riddle ideas that made good use of the puzzles and I honestly appreciated how the creators have found a new way to innovate and push this genre into a new direction. 

Tobie continues to keep an eye out for new experiences like this and he continues to surprise me with what he finds. We both love these games, don't get me wrong, but I also can't help but feel a lot more special knowing that he's doing this largely in part because he knows I enjoy this genre so much.