02A33: End of Day Thinking

Mushroom Pasta

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 549

This was a very busy day at work. I know things really get busy when I miss my hourly step reminders to walk at least 250 steps. I'm pretty diligent about hitting that goal every hour from 10am to 10pm, but today I missed two intervals. This is typically fairly easy to achieve, but when things get busy, I do tend to miss out. And this was the case today given the combination of multiple meetings or just lots of different things to do. It's the good kind of busy that comes with new business and different projects, but it's still rather draining.

A few new board games arrived thanks to Tobie's acquisition efforts and instead of spending more time "here", I really should try some of them. This will certainly be a lot more fulfilling than trying to come up with something semi-profound to say or something like that. This is especially irrelevant given how I get less than five page views for each of these posts since it is a bit of a walled garden.

So I'll catch you all tomorrow, folks. For now, I need to decongest and unwind a bit.