02A2E: Going Beyond the Inner Planets

Expanse Ship

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 544

So it's official - I'm going to run a one-shot adventure for The Expanse RPG next week. Tobie uses Saturday mornings to run different RPG one-shots but on the 18th, he's offered the slot to me. This means we're flipping the script and he'll get to be a player.

This escalated rather quickly haha.

To be fair, I'll be running a published scenario, so that provides me with a framework for the game and takes care of some of the "heavy lifting" And while I have run a few games before, it has been a while and I'm not 100% comfy with the GM role. But I'll try my best and I hope to make the game fun for everyone. 

Cue panicked prep work until that Saturday rolls around. Even with a published adventure, there's still a lot of work needed and I need to make sure that I cover my bases. I'll potentially be taking care of multiple characters after all and I'll need to make sure I'm familiar with the pre-generated characters. Plus there's the biggest challenge - what if the players decide NOT to work with the scenario and decide to try to derail the narrative (whether knowingly or not)? That's when the REAL fun begins.

And as nervous as I'm going to be right until the very end of the session, I am also very excited about it and I have a generally good feeling about things. As long as everyone has fun, then it should ultimately be a great experience.

We all deserve good experiences during this pandemic.