02A29: Stress Sigh

Saturday Steaks

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 539

So one of the big news items of the day ties to the DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez revealing to the media that the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for COVID-19 will start implementing "granular lockdowns" in certain areas. The level of granularity means that one street could have a different quarantine classification as the next street, which could be a smart way of approaching things instead of sweeping quarantine measures across the entire metropolis. But I say this from a theoretical perspective - and maybe more in the context of last year and not given how bad things are now. 

Our government's inability to properly track and report on COVID-19 cases, what more properly execute contact tracing. How will the government determine which streets or areas to lockdown? Where will they get the funding to feed all the different areas under granular lockdown? And how can the government just callously suggest that essential workers will just need to find a way to live closer to work and not return to locked-down areas? It's all so, so stupid. And sure, we don't exactly have the full details since the IATF has not announced things formally so it's hard to judge this decision fully. Then again, why'd the damn trade secretary feel like he could blad about the plans-in-progress on a radio show?

My main consolation for the day apart from a really good workout this morning was that I got to cook two pretty good meals for us. Our weekend restaurant Sariwon is still closed because of the MECQ, so I didn't want to explore other places to order out. That resulted in a very hearty lunch of steaks, eggs, and greens while I did another batch of mushroom pasta for dinner while we were gaming. I may not always have the motivation or inspiration to cook at times, but I usually feel happy once I get the meal put together. And today was definitely a happy cooking day.

I should probably figure out what to cook tomorrow as well. It can be a little calming in a way and I definitely need to de-stress. We received some sad news related to a friend today and it's a lot to think about. There's not much we can immediately do, but should the time come I'm sure we'll figure something out. It's just so hard to do so given all the other shit going on in the country. 

Big sigh. I really miss friends but this is also the worst time to see friends in person given how bad our COVID-19 infections numbers are.