02A28: Circles Closing In

Veggie Mix

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 538

We've come to the end of the workweek and my brain is pretty tired. We had a lot to cover on different fronts and I still feel like I want to invest some time this weekend into finishing a few other things before Monday. I typically avoid working over the weekend, but I know putting in the time will save me some stress come Monday morning. Only time will tell if I'll actually get around to it haha

I've been weighing organizing Friday night online hangouts with friends again, but I don't have any specific ideas in mind just yet. Only three friends replied to my post about it, which isn't quite the strong vote of support. But it's not like I want to host a full party or anything that crazy - I just want to reconnect with friends and just socialize more than we are now. I don't know how far that's going to go - I totally understand everyone's fatigue with online interactions and it's really hard to sustain these things. But we'll see how things will go - maybe we just set an open schedule and see who shows up.

Our COVID-19 cases continue to rise at a crazy level but our government still seems to be on the path of figuring out how to re-open more businesses in the hopes of bolstering the economy. Beyond that, I keep running into social media updates from friends about feeling unwell or how their family members are infected. None of our employees at work have yet to contract the disease, but we've had reports of family members getting sick. The circles continue to get smaller and it feels like catching it is becoming more of an inevitability. Good grief.

Cue inevitable stress.