02A27: Workweek Blur

Thursday Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 537

Another busy workday. Feels like another page of the same script for us in terms of our routine - Tobie and I did our best to juggle our overlapping movies and barely got to talk until after both our respective workdays had come to an end. This is in sharp contrast where before we could at least have a TV show or movie playing on the TV as a sort of background noise. Now we mostly work in silence with the only indulgence being the occasional video we may have playing in our individual laptops but limited to headphone audio so as not to disturb the other.

This is how I know it's very busy indeed for both of us. It almost feels like we're working in separate offices again and not at the same table. This is not to say that we totally ignore each other during working hours. I still show him funny videos on TikTok by angling my phone towards him even if he's on a call. Or we sometimes send links to one another over chat just as an easy way to share things without disturbing the conference call one or both of us may be on. 

The joy of working from home.

And then the post-workday stuff just blurs by as one of us cooks dinner and then we finally get to share a meal as we watch this or that show and then get the day's Baduy Pride episode recorded for the days that we have committed to producing a live stream episode. That leaves us very little time for much shared recreational activity with part of that time going into me writing my daily post on this blog.

This makes the weekend all the more precious as we really do enjoy the option to relax more and spend more time together. I can be a bit of a traditionalist who really enjoys sharing meals and thus it really does become the main indicator of how busy things are at work when we can't find time to eat together, typically because of our respective meetings not playing nice with our life. 

Time is such a slippery fish.