02A26: Breaking Through

Pepeton's Grill Kapalmuks

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 536

Wow, and just like that, we're past the halfway mark for the workweek. The pros and cons of a holiday-induced shortened workweek is that your sense of time will always feel a little off and you're also juggling about the same amount of work but within a shorter timeframe. But we keep marching on steadily. 

Tobie surprised me with a Pepeton's Grill Kapalmuks order for lunch. We were both busy with overlapping meetings and conference calls and neither of us had sufficient time to prepare lunch. But ordering a crispy pig head is quite the treat and something that feels a lot more cost-effective than most commercial crispy pata options available via delivery. We will always recommend this to friends. 

A little worried that our favorite Korean place, Sariwon, is still closed. Their policy seems to be that as long as we're under the ECQ or MECQ levels of quarantine, they won't operate. I get the logic - it's a lot less cost-effective for a place like theirs to operate on a strictly delivery basis. But it's also not very sustainable in the long run, and that may place them on the chopping block, like so many other establishments even just within BGC. This is literally why we order from them every single weekend just to show our continued support for them. We'll be VERY, very sad if Sariwon ends up closing.

This pandemic is so shitty. The only thing shittier is our government's response to the pandemic and the repeated lockdowns they end up resorting to without sufficiently ramping up concurrent testing and vaccination activities. 

Today I got annoyed by a US-based friend's continued updates of the many, many flights he has been taking as of late. He's a bit of an airline buff and he's on this weird marathon series of flights in order to earn up enough miles to hit some status level with the airline. HE IS LITERALLY FLYING AROUND FOR THE SAKE OF FLYING. This is pretty privileged on a normal day, but what more while most of the world is still dealing with the negative effects of this global pandemic? And I can't fault him for doing this since (1) he can afford to (2) this makes him happy and most importantly (3) he is in a part of the world that allows this to happen. And whether or not he flies around has no impact on what we're able to do here in Metro Manila and other locked-down parts of the country.

But man, one can't help but feel bitter about seeing updates like that. I just figure that he might as well make the most of things now since it's very likely things are going to become stricter by the time he completes his marathon journey and finally goes back home. Things aren't exactly headed in the right direction over there.

 Breathe. Relax. Watch some online drag performances. Play board games. Make the most of the time in quarantine - whatever that means.