02A04: Steeling Myself For Friday

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 502

Super tired. It has been quite the busy work week since we've been juggling the usual work stuff, two big client pitches, and a week-long internal conference of sorts to boot. So yes, things have been quite busy indeed and I'm feeling more drained than usual. 

Tomorrow is the culminating activity where we'll spend the whole day in workshops for the team. We've even arranged the option for an in-person meet-up for those who are willing and a surprising number of people said they wanted to go. I guess that just speaks to how much the team misses seeing one another in person. So of course, I have to go as well since it would be weird for local leadership not to be there. Plus I imagine I'll be playing the role of on-site IT troubleshooting for the technical setup and of course the fun role of "social distancing police" together with my admin girls. 

I'm not gonna lie - the notion of being out for most of the day does stress me out a bit. I know I should seek some solace in the fact that I'm fully vaccinated, if only with Sinovac. While it doesn't offer actual immunity, at least I have a greater degree of protection than most, and I should seek some comfort in that fact. But we have been self-isolating for more than a year now and being around a lot of people can feel like an almost alien experience. So this is a very different thing indeed, at least when compared to our actions over the past year.

But I know we'll be okay. We're taking all the necessary precautions to minimize everyone's risks. We'll require continued use of face masks throughout the sessions. And we've ensured that the venue will allow for everyone to be sufficiently socially distant from one another. 

Despite the worries, I'm also very excited to see even just some of the team in person. Our different video calls have gone a long way to help us stay connected while working from home, but it never fully replaces the benefits of face-to-face interactions. And a lot of the spirit of the company was created in those close interpersonal connections shared within the team. So this should be a good thing for morale overall - or at least that's the hope. 

Wish us all luck for tomorrow.