02A03: Lockdown Rumblings

I don't understand this header image either.

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 501

Everyone is talking about a new lockdown again. With more Delta variant COVID-19 cases have been identified in the country and today's positivity rate hitting 15%, the highest it has been since May of this year, there is certainly cause for the concern.

The Metro Manila Council is open to returning to ECQ. Everyone's favorite OCTA Research Group has also called for a hard lockdown sooner rather than later because catching the Delta variant earlier would be better than waiting for the cases to rise further, thus resulting in the need for a longer lockdown period. And business groups have also agreed that a 2-week lockdown may be needed. And when this many institutions are talking about the need or the possibility of a lockdown, it's probably going to happen. The end of the month is just around the corner, after all, so it is time to come up with a new term for the quarantine we're going to be subjected to during my birthday month

The weather this week has been pretty abysmal. The rains come and go and only slightly make the temperature cooler. But the intense weather shifts seem to bring more problems than relief. Tonight is already quite the humid affair and I feel like following Tobie's lead by taking another shower before bed.

Super busy week at work and my days have been ending later than usual. It's the good kind of busy - the very accomplished kind. But it still means that I end the day feeling pretty drained. The weekend is coming, so that's something, even if it's another weekend of strictly online activities with friends.